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Here’s Your “Budget Friendly” Chance To Grab
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Dear Blogger or Blogger-Wannna-Be,

Did you become interested in blogging for fun or for profit? Or both?

If you were attracted to blogging because you wanted to earn money (and lots of it) – then you’re in the right place at the right time.

You just discovered a Premium WordPress theme designed for the purpose of both usability and profitablity. (Both important things when you’re blogging as part of your business, right?)

And, lucky for you, it’s being offered at a budget-friendly price.

Take a look around this blog. We call it the “Multiple Streams Theme“. Why? Because not only is it an attractive, professional design, it’s also got…


If you take a look at the Multiple Streams Theme (by browsing this site), you’ll find that there are ten great ways to make money that are “built-in” to the design.

Here’s a quick run down…

1. List. The money’s in the list, right? Well, you’ll be building yours from day one with this blog theme. Simply encode the opt-in form that you see above to the left with your own list capture information (which you’ll get from your list provider). Use the catchy box to get new subscribers for your newsletter, mini-course, announcement list or any other kind of list.

2. Freebie. See the third box at the top right of your screen? (To the immediate right of the “Latest Posts” box.) Your FREEBIE page gives you several great opportunities to turn a free offer into an order:

A. Give away a rebrandable report (most good affiliate programs offer these) that promotes an offer on the backend which earns you money.

B. Offer a “toolkit” consisting of several reports, articles, videos, etc. that all lead to backend offers.

C. Convince someone to give your visitors a free trial to their membership site or subscription service which gives you a commission when they remain members.

Whatever kind of “Freebie” you want to give away can be used on this page to generate new customers.

3. Product Spotlight. There’s an attractive “Product Spotlight” icon just below the Search form on the right hand column of this page. On your “Product Spotlight” page you can do a variety of things to generate revenue from your site:

A. Offer a special incentive for anyone ordering the featured product or service through your link.

B. Post an interview with the author/creator of a product or service and link to the salespage with your affiliate link.

C. Provide a case study of how you’ve used the product or service successfully and link to it with your affiliate link.

You can “spotlight” just about anything on this page!

4. Time Sensitive Offers. Below the “Product Spotlight” graphical button is one that reads “Time Sensitive Offers”. Your “Time Sensitive Offers” page can likewise be used in some strategic ways to generate revenue:

A. Mention any specific deadline or limit that a recommended new offer has in place. (Ex. Only 250 memberships are being made available and 186 of them are already sold; the 50% off coupon expires on December 12 at midnight.)

B. Create your own INCENTIVE that is time or limit sensitive. (Ex. If you order XYZ through the link below before Thursday at noon, I’ll give you… ; If you are one of the first 20 people who order through the link below, I’ll give you…)

C. Use a holiday, event or other “built-in” deadline. (Ex. The FTC is changing the rules on December 2nd – this is your last chance to… ; If you want to receive it by Christmas, you absolutely must order by…)

5. New Releases. Next you’ll see a “New Releases” button. On your “New Releases” page you can offer an impartial REVIEW of the latest products and services.

A. Focus on ONE key new offer that has just been released and use this page as a timely review which you replace periodically with reviews for another new released, or…

B. Use this page as an ARCHIVES for reviews of MANY products and services that you create over time.

6. Offer Buttons. Just below the “New Releases” button you’ll find a whopping EIGHT “Offer Buttons”. These can be encoded with your affiliate link to ANY related offer of your choosing! You’ll see these categories: Affiliate Marketing, Traffic Generation, Blogging, Membership Sites, Making Money, Product Creation, List Building and Web Design/ Hosting. Pick out your favorite resource for each of these and code the graphics with your affiliate link!

7. Reviews Tab. At the very top of the page you’ll see a tab labeled “Reviews”. Obviously, you can use this page to create unbiased reviews of products and services, linking to the salespages of those offers through your affiliate link. Your “Reviews” page can be used in conjunction with the “New Releases” graphic button. If you use your “New Releases” page to focus on a review for ONE new product or service, then use the “Reviews” tab for a page of archived reviews of dozens of products and services over time.

8. Recommended Resources Tab. Next to the “Reviews” tab you’ll find a “Resources” tab. On your “Resources” page you can use your affiliate link to a variety of products, services, membership sites, coaching programs, special reports, videos, eclasses, software programs, scripts, etc. by:

A. Creating a “personal rolodex” page of the resources that you personally use yourself.

B. Developing a “best buy” list where you post your highest recommendations for a variety of topics. (Ex. This is who I recommend for hosting, this is who I recommend for web design, this is who I recommend for script installation, etc.)

C. Organizing an “if you like this, you’ll like this” type list of related resources. (Ex. Music stores do this a lot… If you like Switchfoot, you’ll like Kutless.)

9. About Tab. Next to the “Resources” tab you’ll find an “About” tab. On your “About” page you can tell a bit about yourself and – to make money from the page – you can:

A. Share a short list of 4-5 resources that you personally rely on, along with an affiliate link to them.

B. Reference a personal mentor who has taught you a lot or made a difference in your life/business, along with an affiliate link to one of their offers.

C. Create a short tutorial of the 3-5 most important “steps to success” related to your subject matter and refer to recommended resources for each of the steps or at the close of the tutorial.

10. Link To Multiple Streams Theme. See that unobtrusive, yet highly visible graphic in the uppermost right of your screen that is labeled “10 Built-In Ways To Make Money From Your Blog – Click Here”? You can encode that graphic with an affiliate link to this site and earn 50% commission when visitors to your blog click thru and order their own copy of this theme! Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll see a small line of text that reads, “Theme By”. Next to it is a link to this site. You can encode that link with your affiliate link and earn 50% commission when visitors to your blog click thru the link and order their own copy of this theme.

Remember, these are all “built-in”!

The Perfect WP Blog Theme For Affiliates!
The Perfect WP Blog Theme For Product Owners!
The Perfect WP Blog Them For ALL BLOGGERS!

NOTE: You can even customize the header by simply editing the text in your favorite editor to reflect the name and description of your own blog. It’s as simple as retyping words in your favorite word processor!

If you’re looking for an attractive, professionally-designed, money-making blog theme for the Wordpress blogging platform, this is about as good as it gets.

  • It is a beautiful design!
  • It has built-in ways to make money!
  • It allows you to build a list!
  • It has buttons to promote your favorite affiliate programs!
  • It is perfect for affiliates!
  • It is even budget friendly!


The regular price for this blog theme was set to be $47. Judging from the price of premium paid WP templates on the market, that would have been a very fair price. (Search Google and you’ll find themes selling for $97 and more for high quality templates). If you had it created yourself, you’d pay a designer $499 or more.

But, we changed our minds.

Aren’t you glad? :-)

We’ve decided to sell the Multiple Streams Theme WP Blog Theme for only $27.

We’d truly like to make it affordable for every blogger who would like a copy. We want the price to be a “no-brainer” decision for you. Buy your copy now. Load it to your site. Thank us later.

There are a few “terms” that we’ve got to tell you about before you rush off to take advange of this great deal…

1. We will install this blog for you. (See terms below.)
Once you purchase this theme, we’ll share how you can either get this theme installed for only $10 (if you’re using your own hosting account) – or installed totally free (if you choose to host your blog with our hosting at

Note: This installation offer does not include tweaking the components of the theme or special customization. (I.E. Encode your affiliate link in the graphical buttons) – however, that can also be done for a modest fee.

2. The theme is for use at ONE site only.
With your purchase you are entitled to use the theme at ONE site. You may use it at one of your sites or you may use it at a client’s site who has asked you to purchase it on their behalf. One purchase = one site.

3. You MAY customize the theme for your own use.
If you’d like to use different graphical buttons in the right side column or photoshop edit the header or add a footer, etc., you may make cosmetic changes for your single installation.

4. You DO NOT have any licensing rights.
You have not purchased a resale rights license, nor PLR license nor any kind of license to distribute this theme. The theme is for your own personal use and may not be sold, given away, nor distributed in any way.

That said, there is no “hard sell” here. You either want the theme, or you don’t. It’s a superb price, a beautiful theme, and it’s monetized to help you get started making money.


Yes, Kelly & Nicole, I want to get my own copy of the Multiple Streams Theme blog theme.  I have read and agree to the legal disclaimers below.

Click Here to Order Now!

(Even if it’s 2:00 AM on a Saturday)

to Order “Multiple Streams Theme™”

* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.


1. What about the articles on the blog? Do I get those?

If you choose this installation option for a brand new blog (it must not have ANY content on it yet) then yes, you get the following, as well:

Prewritten content. You’ll find two articles and a review on this blog that you can monetize out of the gate. Edit them or leave them as they are. They’re yours to do with as you please.

2. What if I have questions?

Just swing by our help desk and ask. :)